Open Minded (AKA THE HEADS)


Ms RAZ is a Jill of Many Trades, Mistress of None.  Always, she is eager both to learn and to apply those lessons to her life’s grandest ambitions -- to attain, create, and spread knowledge. Ms RAZ works towards achieving these goals by educating students of all ages.  On one hand, she has taught psychology and sociology courses at the University of Texas at Austin, St. Edward’s University, and Park University.  On the other, she provides both support and therapy to a beautiful little girl on the autism spectrum. Ms RAZ holds a BS in Biology and Psychology and an MA in Clinical Psychology.  Currently, she is pursuing graduate studies in Quantitative Methods.  She investigates the neural correlates of rhythmic, self-stimulatory behaviors and their effects on perception and performance.  In other words, “Why do we fidget?” (So common a behavior, not to mention a diagnostic criterion, should not be so poorly understood.) Ms RAZ’s latest addition to her Many Trades is science-artist.  In this too she works toward one of her life’s greatest ambition - spreading knowledge.

Think. Question. Create. 


Behind the Scenes: Setting Up