This lovely structure is known as a dodecahedron. From Greek, dōdeka: "twelve" +hédrae"base". A bit about the dodecahedron... It is a regular, Platonic solid made of twelve pentagon faces. There are 90 post-it notes folding into "modules" in a "Z" shape, (the sticky part is not used in this construction). Three modules fit and slide into each other to make up a corner. Thirty of these corners make up the twelve pentagonal faced shape. The structure itself it quite fragile (and tends to collapse, repeatedly) until the last module is fit into place. What a moment!

This was meant to be a quick little project before bed.... Four hours later, exhausted, with an important work meeting in a mere four hours, this is the result. It was rather frustrating but incredibly satisfying in the end. Make one!


Thank you to Dr. James Grime for making the instructional video.