If you would like to donate or contribute to my scientist-artist or research endeavors, you will be the recipient of my unwavering gratitude and appreciation. Unfortunately, unwavering gratitude and appreciation cannot be hung on a wall. So, to further express my gratitude, I will send you a science-art piece! The size and type of piece will be based on the donation. Inquires for custom and commission pieces are warmly welcomed! 

Prints and Reproductions 


Artistic Revival of TEXTBOOKs (ART)

Ever notice how sad and depressed your old and outdated textbooks are? They have succumb to the latest editions. Succumb to the latest 2.0 app versions. They sigh as they sit, squished on your selves, collecting dust... Wishing and hoping someone, anyone would breathe new life into them...

Lets revive them! 

I am always on the hunt for old textbooks and reference manuals in the following fields: Neuroscience, Psychology, Anatomy, and Biology. This not an exhaustive or exclusionary list. The OLDER the BETTER!