Abandon in Premont, TX

For those of you who have made the journey from the Rio Grande Valley to anywhere north of the checkpoint know of this little town called Premont. Those of us who are acquainted with the town know it as an annoying speed trap we set our cruise controls to 30 mph to avoid a speeding ticket. If you are anything like me, though, perhaps you too have always wanted to look into that abandon school off of highway 281. After seeing this school for over a decade through car windows, I finally decided to stop and take a peek. I hope this helps satisfy some of that curiosity for those of you who have passed by and wondered. 

A bit of history... The old school was shut down due to asbestos contamination. At this point, it would be too expensive to tear down because of all the hazardous material. A new school was built, but sadly, in 2012 the school district was performing so poorly is was going to be shut down. Rather than have to bus students 35 miles, the district decided to cut the sports program to save money and improve academics. They are now performing at an "acceptable" level. Poor ole Premont. Now you know. (The first two photos are not the school, but a small building a few yard away. All other photos are of the primary and secondary school.)