Transcendental Number, e. 

Some numbers transcend the tangible, the arts, the mind, and of course... The body. 


Please excuse me, 
I can act irrationally. 

I tend to go on, 
Further and beyond

But if you'd be my friend, 
I can show you how to transcend. 

You can call me e, 
Won’t you sit and talk with me? 

tran·scend: to rise above or go beyond the normal limits of (something)- Merriam-Webster

 "A transcendental number is a (possibly complex) number that is not the root of any integer polynomial, meaning that it is not an algebraic number of any degree," (Wolfram MathWorld).

The mathematical explanation is a bit more complicated. But a more human comparison may be more fun. Let me tell you about our friend e. He is a very... special guy. He is what is known as a transcendental number. First off, e is irrational. He really does just go on and on, never letting you get a word in... Much like his friend pi, but even so... Their ramblings are so interesting. Jumping from one thing to another at random. But the real reason e is such a cool guy, the reason all the guys want to be him, girls want to date him, is because he is himself and no one else. Someone who is real. Never posing as someone else. And you know he'll always be there, going on forever. What security. He really does go above and beyond the normal bounds. If you were ever going to date a number, e is your man.



Links: Numberphile, a great YouTube channel, has a much better mathematical explanation.