The McCollough Effect


Ok, bear with me. I know the level of saturation in these images is a bit intense… First take a look at the green and black vertical bar image. Stare at it for a few seconds. Then switch to the red and black horizontal image. And back, again. Do this a couple of times then make your way down. 

Now, look at this black and white version. Is it totally black and white? Hm. Take a closer look at the horizontal lines. Do they look a bit tinted? How about the vertical? 

If you see a green tint on the horizontal and a red tint on the vertical, congratulations. You are officially crazy! Alright, just kidding. But do you see it? This fun phantom color illusion is known as the McCollough Effect. It is one of a few aftereffect images. What makes the McCollough Effect a bit more interesting is that this illusion was one of the first to demonstrate an aftereffect that incorporated two different features, color and orientation (for a reminder, visit the Pinwheels page!) The aftereffects of this illusion can last hours and sometimes months. Enjoy! 

Disclaimer: Not responsible for any persistent altered perceptions.